We pride ourselves in exhausting all nonsurgical options prior to deciding on operative treatment solutions.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is one of these options within our arsenal and new research is emerging that solidifies its role.

If you suffer from tendinitis, arthritis or other Orthopaedic maladies, consider PRP as a treatment option. We are happy to discuss this at your next consultation.

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Healthy Together. Spring 2021 article. By Dr. Frank Femino

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Healthy Together. Summer 2020 article. By Dr. Frank Femino

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Healthy Together. Winter 2019 article. By Dr. Frank Femino

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Dr. Queler recently had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with physical therapist, Nicholas Licameli.

Mr. Lichameli is a physical therapist with Professional Physical Therapy in Nutley and is also a bodybuilder. In the conversation that follows, they talk about, their backgrounds and how they got into training -Their professional careers -The importance of practicing what they preach to their patients and embodying a healthy lifestyle -Their motivations, both initially and currently -The importance of helping others on their fitness and life journeys -Balancing their different roles (family, fatherhood, professional roles, etc.) and how training can enhance all aspects of who we are -Their experience with building and training in our home gyms -Dr. Queler's recent experience going under the knife and experiencing the patient perspective firsthand

Top Doctors 2020 Honor Stephen A. Ducey, MD | Frank P. Femino, MD | Seth R. Queler, MD

Dr. Frank Femino published 6 ways to avoid winter fall in Healthy Together magazine.

Femino-Ducey-Queler Orthopaedic Group sponsors 5 K Run

The "Spirit Run" was presented by Mt. Olivet Cemetery and Sacred Heart Church in Bloomfield. Sponsored by Femino-Ducey-Queler Orthopaedic Group. The race is sanctioned by the USA Track and Field Association. The run is unique as it involved a run from Sacred Heart Church to Mt Olivet Cemetery where it continued through the cemetery and back.

Dr. Frank Femino article Published in Newspapers and Healthy Together magazine

Dr. Frank Femino, director of Orthopedics at Clara Maass, recommends caution when participating in warm weather recreation and home projects.

Dr. Frank P. Femino gave an informative lecture at Clara Maass on “Arthritis of the hip and knee.” It was attended by over 100 people from the Community.

Dr. Femino also published a recent article entitled All About arthritis in the magazine healthy together spring 2019. A publication of Clara Maass Medical Center.

The Femino-Ducey-Queler Orthopaedic Group Proudly announces our fifth anniversary at the new location. Convenient location and easy parking

The Femino-Ducey-Queler Orthopaedic Group has proudly been serving the community at 45 Franklin Ave., Nutley, NJ

Dr. Femino specializes in adult reconstructive surgery and knee and hip replacements

Dr. Ducey specializes in Orthopaedic sports medicine including arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder, rotator cuff reconstruction, and ACL reconstruction

Dr. Queler specializes in Orthopaedic foot and ankle surgery including bunion surgery, correction of hammertoes, and correction of flat foot deformities

Musculoskeletal Examination of the Foot and Ankle

Dr. Frank Femino

Top-Docs-2009 Musculoskeletal Examination of the Foot and Ankle
Dr Frank attended the 4th annual international Congress of joint replacement (ICJR) total hip and total knee revision course in Philadelphia on May 6 and 7th.

Syndesmotic injuries of the ankle presentation

Recently Dr. Seth Queler spoke at Practitioner's Club. In little falls, NJ February 6th. Dr. Seth Queler Spoke about Syndesmotic injuries of the ankle. Earlier Dr. Seth Queler spoke about “Total Ankle Replacements". The talk was well received by a group of approximately 30 physicians of varying specialties including Orthopedic Surgeons, Urologists, Neurosurgeons, General Surgeons and family Medicine. Dr. Seth Queler lectured on the diagnosis and management of high ankle sprains an FX Syndesmotic injuries.

Frank Femino "Career paths for engineering students"

Dr. Frank Femino gave a lecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) about Career paths for engineering students, ME to MD. How a mechanical engineer degree can be used to become an orthopedic surgeon.

New Jersey Monthly’s list of “Top Doctors in New Jersey”.

Nutley, NJ For the past 12 years, the doctors of the Femino-Ducey-Queler Orthopaedic Group have been named to New Jersey Monthly’s list of “Top Doctors in New Jersey.” Dr. Femino was recognized for adult reconstruction and joint replacement surgery, Dr. Ducey for sports injuries and Dr. Queler for foot and ankle surgery. .

Seth R. Queler, MD published in book Muskuloskeletal Examination of the Foot and Ankle

The book, which is designed for use by primary physicians, addresses foot and ankle problems. Dr. Queler’s chapter addresses the diagnosis and treatment of ankle instability.

Foot and Ankle Surgeon Joins Practice

Belleville, N.J. - Femino-Ducey-Queler Orthopaedics is proud to welcome a foot and ankle specialist to the practice.
Seth R. Queler, MD, concentrates on conservative and surgical care of traumatic injuries and reconstruction of the adult foot and ankle.
Dr. Queler completed his training at Northwestern University Medical School, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and the University of Pennsylvania. He was in academic practice for three years at Winthrop University Hospital in Long Island, NY, where he served as Division Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery and was a principal instructor for orthopedic residents.

Clara Maass Medical Center Recognizes “Dear Doctor” Physicians

Belleville, N.J. - Clara Maass Medical Center (CMMC) launched its “Dear Doctor” campaign to celebrate National Doctor's Day. This campaign asked for grateful patients to write “Dear Doctor” letters as a way to thank and recognize CMMC physicians for their outstanding service.
The letters shared personal experiences and stories highlighting the exemplary work put forth by the physicians. Both Drs. Ducey and Femino were cited.
A doctor of general orthopaedics with an emphasis on sports medicine, Dr. Ducey practices medicine with both skill and compassion—traits which are valued by his patients. “During my initial consult with Dr. Ducey I understood why friends and co-workers had confidence in recommending him,” wrote a former patient. “I appreciate not only his skills as a doctor and surgeon, but the care and concern that he and his staff showed for me in my time of need.”
Dr. Femino is a doctor of general orthopedics with an emphasis on adult reconstructive surgery and joint replacement. Dr. Femino heads The Joint & Spine Institute at Clara Maass. His “amazing care and kind ways,” not only helped his patient recover, but motivated his patient to help others through the recovery process as well. “I have nothing but respect and admiration for all of his hard work,” wrote a patient. “I have had such success with my procedures that I now volunteer at The Joint & Spine Institute and I truly enjoy it!”
Those recognized by the 2009 Dear Doctor campaign have touched the lives of many individuals and families. The Clara Maass Medical Center Foundation thanks those that wrote in to express their gratitude and encourages others to participate in the 2010 campaign. For more information about “Dear Doctor,” please contact the Department of Public Relations and Marketing at 973-450-2996 or visit

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