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Joint ReplacementKnee and Hip Replacement Surgeries

Frank P. Femino, MD

For years, patients have benefited from minimally invasive surgeries offered by Frank Femino, MD. Same-day partial knee replacement, small-incision total knee replacement and minimally invasive total hip replacement have freed...

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Sports MedicineACL, Knee Menuscus, Shoulders and More...

Stephen A. Ducey, MD

Dr. Stephen Ducey specializes in the arthroscopic treatment of the shoulder and knee. He has had much success treating many sports injuries, including ACL reconstruction, meniscal repair and shoulder stabilization procedures...

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Foot and Ankle Surgery
General Orthopedic SurgeryCutting Edge Foot And Ankle Treatment

Seth R. Queler, MD

Dr. Seth Queler is an orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist. Dr. Queler offers a new dimension of care to the Femino-Ducey-Queler Orthopaedic Group. Joining the Femino-Ducey-Queler Orthopaedic Group in 2009, Dr. Queler specializes in both surgical and ...

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