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  • Dear Dr Queler: How do I begin to thank you and what can I say about you and your remarkable staff? I still remember the day I came into your office scared and in pain after a stupid but dangerous motor vehicle accident.

    You examined every aspect of my injuries and put my mind at ease. This was the first time I had ever broken a bone, nonetheless four of them! Between both feet being crushed under the wheels of my car, as well as the knee injury, I was an absolute mess. Then came the subsequent trips back to the hospital, twice, with the knee problems and then the trouble walking. You put up with all my questions, be they intelligent or not, and especially calmed my fears. You were there for all of it.

    I know I will still be coming to see you, but I wanted you to know how very much I appreciate you, your compassion and everything you've done for me as well as your phenomenal office staff who have been so patient and kind as well; special thanks to Brian, Aliscia and Christina!

    Thanks for easing my pain, tending to my injuries and thank you for encouraging me when I was extremely down. Thank you for everything!

    Warmest Regards -
    Diane M. Ostering

  • A 17 year old female with a college soccer scholarship presented with a broken bone in her foot that never healed.

    Due to the injury (her diagnosis was a navicular nonunion), she was sidelined from soccer for over a year. Untreated, she would have never played soccer again, and would have surely developed severe foot arthritis, unquestionably leading to a life of chronic foot pain. Dr. Queler performed a bone graft procedure to repair the broken bone. He transferred a segment of bone from one section of her foot, keeping it fully attached to a life-giving blood vessel, into the broken, unhealed bone. The patient is back on the soccer field and recently scored her first intercollegiate goal, being named MVP of the match by her coaches!

    Click the link below to see her in action...


  • Dear Doctor on a bright summer afternoon one day last july, my son fell and hurt his arm.

    On a bright summer afternoon one day July, my son fell while playing in the yard and hurt his arm quite badly. We rushed over to Clara Mass, exhausted, my child in much pain, and fearful of the ordeal that was to follow. The medical staff explained he would need surgery as soon as possible due to two bone fractures. Understandably we spent the night both anxious and terrified.

    The very next morning we met with our doctor, Dr. Seth Queler for the first time. With much patience he clarified the surgery detail, put my son at ease instantly and reassured me, all would be just fine. Any parent can relate to the dismay of watching a child and wishing it were possible to trade places with them.

    I was a bundle of nerves when Dr. Queler came to see me as soon as the surgery was over. The surgery was very successful and all turned out well We went to see him in a few days for a follow up, along with many more visits to come, including physical therapy. It was a pleasant experience each and every time we met with Dr. Queler. He is a warm and caring professional with kindness and compassion for his patients. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Queler to a friend, or to seek treatment with him once again if need be. He is an exemplar doctor be revered in the medical community, always greeting his patients with a gentle smile. With our hearts full of much gratitude we extend our best regards to Dr. Queler and his attentive staff. We thank you, Dr. Queler

    Sincerely yours,
    Ema and D'nuno

  • It’s Nice to Return to What I Love Most

    *"My ankle hurt when I walked. It even hurt to drive. I had been to other doctors and they diagnosed me with tendonitis. After ankle arthroscopic surgery by Dr. Queler, I recently went back to the dance studio. It’s so nice to be able to return to what I love most and to not be in pain while I’m doing it."
    Caitlin, ankle arthroscopy

  • Your Empathy, Honesty and Compassion are Immeasurable

    *"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for my Mom throughout her illness. It was the worst, most frightening time of my life, and your presence was the only calming factor. Dr. Queler, you are clearly a gifted surgeon, but beyond that, your empathy, honesty, and compassion are immeasurable. You were like a breath of fresh air any time you walked into her room. You explained things honestly, but with true care and concern. I know how hard you worked with Mom, and how much time out of the hospital you spent thinking about her and her condition. You also put together a wonderful team of doctors to work with her, and I know that it’s thanks to all you did that we had my Mom for another year and a half."
    Debbie, severe bone infection in both feet

  • The Professionalism of Dr. Queler Was of the Highest Quality

    *"Having served in the military, I can objectively and unequivocally state that the demeanor, efficiency and professionalism of your office staff, the nurses and in particular Dr. Queler were of the highest quality."
    Roy Horowitz, MD, ankle fracture surgery

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